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пряники машинки
  • 3 points of receiving orders
  • Delivery by refrigerated vehicle
  • We offer Quality Certificate
  • Cash payment at the office

Telephone information
(+373 22) 311 215 | 069 888 222

It’s important to know, when you order the cake

The cake’s order is made within 5-15 days before its delivery, depending on the cake complexity.

The metal stands are rented and must be returned within a maximum 3 days. You must leave a pledge for the stand, which afterward will be returned to the Customer. The stand pledge worth between 500 MDL and 1000 MDL.

To the cakes weighting up to 5 kg, placed on a round stand, the amount of 25 MDL is added, the cakes placed on a rectangular plate – the amount of 20 MDL is added. If your want to get your cake in a box, the amount will increase by another 30 MDL.

After receiving the order, a manager of our company will contact you, in order to complete the final details of the order and payment, will consult you regarding the questions that may appear. 

Dear Costumers, we would like to inform You, that the order is processed in terms of up 24 hours. For this reason, we kindly ask you to place your order in time, so to avoid the delay. 

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